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awwww. My first crush.

ϟ Entourage

About the movie thing, I’m just skeptical about it and I’m not getting my hopes up. Friends was on for 10 years. The fanbase was large, universal you could say. There was talk for a Friends movie. and here we are, 10 years later, no Friends movie.

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ϟ It’s been a blast baby bro.

Entourage was…. amazing. I’m glad that they didn’t have a big wedding for Vince. Would have made the whole situation seem more rash and it was clear what this final episode stood for anyhow. Eric Murphy was blessed with such amazing friends, that they were actually the catylyst to Sloan + him being able to get back together. Who would have thought, in season one, that Eric would be the one that marries the beautiful girl? Well besides Vince obviously, he is marry a very beautiful french girl but that was inevitable. And Ari and his wife getting back together. Thank fucking God… they were perfect for eachother, and that’s how I knew there was no way in hell they wouldn’t get back together before the series ended.

Which… wow. I still can’t believe it’s over. I’m going to miss it so much….

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I was alone, I took a right, I didn’t know what I would find there…      Another road where maybe I could see another kind of mind there
And then suddenly, I see you.
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ϟ Its been a blast, baby bro.

Last night of Entourage. (well for me because I won’t be watching the final epi until it’s done downloading) but I’m about to start crying. No more Ari Gold fucking epic moments, No more Turtle… who went from having nothing to getting skinny and becoming a millionaire. Drama…. his hard worked payed off, thanks to Walsh. And E… Poor E and Sloan. Like I said, haven’t watchted the last episode… but she’s pregnant, and I hope to God that they can work out their problems and have a beautiful family together. And Vince… I don’t know what to expect for Vince. But Vince is greatness and therefor whatever he does in this finale is going to execute his amazing talent for being an actor playing an actor. Thank you Mark Walberg. Thank you Doug Ellin. Its been a blast, baby bro.

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Uploading a few different rare Friends pictures. For all the people that had a blast watching the Best of Friends marathon as I did
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